SITM: Dawson on fire with Clippers, Michigan gives Hackett advisor, NBA emojis

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News of former Michigan State star Branden Dawson, who's flourishing with the L.A. Clippers during NBA summer league play, dominates this episode of Sports in the Mitten with Adam Biggers and John Gustin. 

Despite having "'tween" size, Dawson has the potential to become a great option at the 4, as the position is actually trending toward players such as Dawson, says John. 

John and Adam discuss Dawson's rebounding ability through and through, as it's the obvious strength of the 6'6", 230-pounder's game, and entertain thoughts of his future with the Clippers. 

Bob De Carolis has returned to Michigan, this time to serve as a "senior advisor" to interim athletic director Jim Hackett. Adam and John discuss the impact of this hire and ponder Hackett's future at Michigan. He made a full-time move by hiring Jim Harbaugh back in December and absolutely deserves some type of credit for getting the ball rolling in Ann Arbor. But was that his only job? Could he stick around for an extended period of time? 

Per MLive's Nick Baumgardner, it sounds like De Carolis is swinging by to help "day-to-day operations" and serve as a helping hand to the athletic department. 

"He came in one day and said 'I don't want (the AD job), I've did it, but do you need any help?' And I said 'sure,' " Hackett told Baumgardner and reporters Tuesday. "He's not looking for full-time employment, and one of the things I'm giving him are day-to-day questions to help Rob with. We've got construction going on, we have one of the largest departments in the country and we have some work to do on being more efficient.

"So he's got some ideas and he's helping me. ... Think of it as like an advisor. He won't have people reporting to him, and this is not the future athletic director. He and his wife want to be back in Ann Arbor for a bunch of personal reasons, and it's a great gift for me."

Emojis. Yes, we talk about emojis--probably too much. But John tells the story so well, and we hope you enjoy his description of the coded-text exchange between players regarding DeAndre Jordan's contract status. Mavs or Clippers, DeAndre?

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