SITM: Rio 2016, UM football media day preview, Suicide Squad review

Photo: Andy Shippy

Photo: Andy Shippy

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The 2016 Rio Games, Michigan football media day and comic book movies, specifically "Suicide Squad," get discussed at-length during this episode of Sports in the Mitten with hosts Adam Biggers and John Gustin. 

Rio 2016 seems like a bad word. Have you lost your fire for the international games? Adam and John reflect on the past and talk about why The Games matter--or don't matter--to millions of fans worldwide. 

On Sunday, Michigan football opens its doors for its annual media day -- it'll be John's first trip, so Adam tells him what to expect from coaches and players...and the food. Can't forget that UM food. 

Do you enjoy movies based off comic books? Some have been great, some have been really bad. John offers his expert opinion while Adam flexes his limited knowledge in that particular genre of films.