SITM: Michigan is cruising, Michigan State spring game, Pistons and more

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Photo: Andy Shippy | SITM @AndySaidGoBlue

All of the bases get covered during this episode of Sports in the Mitten with hosts Adam Biggers of FanRag Sports and Thomas Beindit of SB Nation's Big Ten Powerhouse. 

Michigan football is cruising along through spring, boasting ample depth at running back. Find out why we like the Wolverines backfield. 

With eight or nine possible starters, the offensive line also has plenty of options. 

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Should the Detroit Pistons tank the rest of the season? Thomas and Adam offer their opinions while maintaining belief in coach Stan Van Gundy. 

In light of Gonzaga vs. North Carolina, they also give their national-title picks and discuss who'll be first to reach the Final Four -- Michigan or Michigan State? 

The Spartans just had their spring game. Adam was there, and he provides updates on the on-field happenings as well as the player-counting game that took place in the press box. MSU football is in disarray, and anyone who feels otherwise needs to take a closer look, he adds. 

Other notes: Michigan C/3B Drew Lugbauer was named Big Ten Player of the Week; the Wolverines are in the midst of an 18-game home stand; the Tigers and White Sox were delayed (2:10 p.m. Tuesday); fields in Mid-Michigan are sopping wet. 

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