Central Michigan football: Flint's Thomas 'The Train' Rawls is back on track

Remember all of the trash that was written about Thomas Rawls? You know, how he was a purse thief and all-around "thug"--the stuff that couldn't have been further from the truth. 

I sat back and laughed as the misinformation spewed from so many unreliable sources. They had it completely wrong. I knew because I know the family. I was disappointed in Thomas when I heard the news, but I supported him because A.) I knew he was innocent and didn't carry out a theft as he was accused, and B.) I knew he was being wronged by the Mt. Pleasant media, which really dropped the ball while reporting the "facts." 

People tried tearing him down, shaming his name and reputation. No one seemed to care that he had zero priors and a clean track record. To my knowledge, he never had any type of disciplinary issues at Michigan, either. 

Thomas was a good guy who'd bounce back, despite the turmoil. I knew it. 

Anyway, enough of my "told you so" moment. I don't need to say anything else. Rawls' 40 carries for 229 yards and a touchdown Saturday during Central Michigan's 28-10 victory Ohio should do the trick. 

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