Flint CBL Jack Wright Division: AGW wins Silver Division title, league banquet

This past week, AGW won the Silver Division title in the Flint City Baseball League's Jack Wright Division. 

But on Wednesday, the boys from the paint crew also won the league banquet at Foutch's Strike Zone, as they had six or seven members in attendance, easily more than the other 11 teams.

AGW knows how to party. 

AGW knows how to party. 

Anyhow, I wanted to take a few moments to (again) thank everyone for having me. Thanks to Bob Holec of the Greater Flint-Area Baseball and Softball Association for giving me the opportunity to mispronounce names, argue with umpires over start times and play with the PA.

I'll be back next year, there's no doubting that. It's too much fun watching old guys play ball. And getting paid for it?! Yeah, I'll be back. 

Now on to the festivities...

Ben Ramirez Earns Jack Wright Award

The namesake of Ramirez, M.D. received a well-deserved honor, as Holec presented the first Jack Wright Award, which, from this point forward, will be given to the player who best represents the core values of the league: Sportsmanship, competitiveness and, most of all, fairness.

During his playing days, Wright stood for the aforementioned. So Holec made sure that the first recipient was a shining example of those qualities. 

Congrats on the award, Doc. You earned it. 

Here are my early nominations for next year: Family Physical Therapy's Ray Jackson or Grossi's Hal McIntyre. 


Pizza..hell yeah. 

Pizza..hell yeah. 

Foutch's has good pizza.

Allow me to borrow a line from Ferris Bueller: "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up..." He was talking about Cam's stepdad's Ferrari, but still, just play along here...

Seriously, the stuff is good. To again borrow a line: "I'm in a food coma," a phrase that Joe Skinner, the man behind the concessions at Whaley, used as he was getting ready to leave. 

The Champs are Here

As you know, AGW won the Silver Division. Ideal won the Gold, and to no surprise whatsoever, the guys from Team Transition won the Bronze.

To me, Ideal was the best overall team in the entire league, but Transition played some great ball during the "second season," a three-division, six-gamer which preceded the playoffs. 

Did You Know?

Tom Simpson pretends to be in deep thought... His team, Custom, didn't make the playoffs, but it was one of the most fun to watch. Next year! 

Tom Simpson pretends to be in deep thought... His team, Custom, didn't make the playoffs, but it was one of the most fun to watch. Next year! 

In 2014, More than 500 baseball games were played at Broome, Whaley and Kearsley Park (home of the Mott CC Bears). Whaley (the home of Mott CC softball) also played host to more than 200 softball games (the field on the left, of course). 

Overall participation across the board (youth/adult baseball and softball) reached nearly 1,800, as 1,775 people got off their butts this spring and summer, swung some bats, fielded grounders and had one hell of a time. 

I don't really know what else to write. It was great seeing everyone at the banquet. Thanks for reading the blog. I had more fun writing it than you guys will ever have reading it. Until next year, fellas. 

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