SITM @CampusDen Vine Rewind: (Video) Looking back at Michigan's 42-28 loss to Ohio State

Like 2013’s loss, this year’s setback to Ohio State is going to hurt Michigan fans for months to come.

Don’t let the 42-28 score fool you, as the Buckeyes were ripe for the upset before pulling away with two touchdowns late in the fourth quarter.

And like 2013’s finale, the Wolverines played what was arguably their best game of the season when it really didn’t matter for reasons other than experiencing the pure joy of beating “Ohio”—begging fans to dwell on the could-have-beens for Team 135.

With roughly four minutes to play in the fourth, Gardner—who threw for an efficient 233 yards and two touchdowns—fumbled the ball after being hit. Darron Lee scooped it, eyed the endzone and returned the gift for a 33-yard touchdown, giving the Buckeyes a stranglehold-lead, 42-21.

But considering the circumstances—going on the road to a potential Final Four contender and facing Big Game Urban Meyer—the Wolverines played well enough to beat the Buckeyes. If anything, Michigan decreased Meyer’s playoff chances by hanging around for 3.5 quarters, which essentially boils down to the only positive takeaway from what could have been Brady Hoke’s last game as the team’s coach.

You’re going to talk about this game for some time, so you might as well take a look at the Campus Den Vine highlights to help jog your memory. 

Notes: Drake Johnson had 15 carries for 74 yards and two TD before suffering an apparent knee injury. Ben Gedeon got his with a huge hit on Curtis Samuel. 

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