Dennis Haskins hoax: Saved By The Bell's Mr. Belding isn't dead--here's the proof

The world knows him as Dennis Haskins, but we--as in fans of Saved By The Bell--will always and forever call him Mr. Belding. 

Or Mr. Richard Belding, if you prefer. 

If you're like me, you woke up to horrible news proclaiming that the beloved TV principal died in an automobile accident in Tennessee. It couldn't be true, I thought.. But then again, who'd lie about Mr. Belding?! 

Apparently someone with nothing better to do, that's who. As it turned out, the "report" was a hoax. Good old Mr. B is alive and well at Bayside High. 

Bayside Football Update

A.C. Slater had 23 carries for a career-high 368 yards and eight touchdowns during the Tigers' 63-3 season-opening victory over Valley. The two-sport standout then played quarterback during the second half, completing 10 of 10 for 225 yards and a touchdown. (57-yarder to himself). 

Go Tigers!