Michigan Wolverines Football: Quick Take on the Harbaugh-to-Michigan Rumblings

For what it's worth, I don't see Michigan relieving Brady Hoke of coaching duties this season. But "Notre Dame!" you say. I hear you. But I don't believe that changing the head coach at this stage of the game would serve the team or fanbase's best interest.

Some of you will agree, some of you will say that the "best interest" of the fanbase has been a mere afterthought, especially in recent years. To each their own. 

Anyway, I set out to collect a host of tweets about the Jim-Harbaugh-to-Michigan chatter. I am not in any shape or form even entertaining this as a possibility right now. It's hard to tell if some tweets are serious or if they're darts. 

I guess it depends on how you read them. 

So what's fueling these tweets? Harbaugh's gig in San Francisco isn't as rosy as it used to be, and there's that whole former Michigan QB thing, too. Plus speculation. Lots of that. 

Here's Darren Rovell...

Pro Football Talk takes a shot down field...

Tom Fornelli of NBC dropped a few critical tweets about UM vs. ND on Saturday night. This one is relatively tame compared to the Kelly-Rice and Realtor references. 

The musings continue. Again, this idea, while rational to fans who want to see change now, seems pretty far-fetched. 

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