SITM: Seattle Seahawks RB Thomas Rawls of Flint shares deep thoughts during sitdown interview with Delano Whidbee

A few years ago, Thomas Rawls used to dream of being one of the city's finest athletes. With examples around every corner, he had plenty of pros and former pros to emulate and admire. 

Today, he's no longer dreaming--he is one of those guys.

However, at one time, things were "dark" for Rawls, a former Flint Northern star who played for Michigan before transferring to Central Michigan, where he became the nation's No. 7-leading rusher prior to suffering a knee injury this past season. 

"Am I going to fold, or am I going to rise up to the occasion?" he said during a candid interview with Delano Whidbee, an aspiring journalist from Flint who's known Rawls for many years. 

Now fully healthy, Rawls is on the fast track to success with the Seattle Seahawks, who signed him as a free agent this summer. He has proven that hard work always wins in the end. 


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